A Breadbaker’s Notebook


One passion meets another: I’m doing an ongoing experiment with Git to document the development of my bread recipes, alongside a simple cookbook-style website for the final recipes.

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FRIDA 2016 Annual Report


At Sloop Creative, I worked with FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund on a digital annual report. Built as a static microsite, the report features a bold design and a number of creative frontend solutions.

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Print publications


I’ve worked with a number of companies, organizations, publishers, and authors over the years to design books, journals, textbooks, and annual reports. These are some of the highlights.

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Managing complex color schemes with Sass

Designing for print, as I often do, means having nearly total control over the look of each component. When the pieces of the design don’t quite fit, they can be tweaked individually to work. Each layout can be fully art-directed. This isn’t the c...

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First principles

With revamping my website, and starting a blog(!), I figured, why not lay out some of the values that guide my design work. This is by no means exhaustive, just a handful of principles that I hold close.

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New website, who dis?

I first launched my personal website two and a half years ago. It was the first website I’d ever created from scratch, and I built it in plain old HTML, CSS, and JS to learn as much as I could about web dev...

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