Frontend Developer with design opinions. Building flexible, purposeful, enduring interfaces. Experimenting with minimal, sustainable tools for creating and sharing knowledge on the open web.

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Projects & Collaborations



I’m a Frontend Developer at Cast Iron Coding in Portland, Oregon. Before that, I did design and development at Sloop Creative, a community-minded creative studio I started with my partner, Moeko Crider. In the past, I also served as the Managing Editor of Art in Print, and worked as Assistant Media Coordinator at UT-Austin’s Hindi–Urdu Flagship from 2012–13.


I completed my M.A. in Asian Cultures and Languages from The University of Texas at Austin in 2013. There, I worked on the topics of masculinity, asceticism, and medicine in South Asian history; I also studied Sanskrit, Pali, and Hindi. My Master’s Thesis, “Reckoning Up the Body: Logics of Enumeration and Arrangement in Buddhist and Ayurvedic Inventories of Anatomy,” was a deep comparative reading of anatomical inventories in Visuddhimagga, Caraka-saṃhita, and Suśruta-saṃhita. I argued, against the gloss that these accounts are either “religious” or “medical” in nature, that they carve up the materiality of the human body in a constellation of complex and often overlapping ideologies and epistemologies. The thesis was a finalist for the UT-Austin Graduate School’s Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award.

I earned my B.A. (Religious Studies) from Whitman College in 2008.


Markup & Programming Languages

HTML, CSS, Sass, Markdown, HAML, XML, XSLT; JavaScript, PHP, Liquid


Jekyll, WordPress, October

Other Development Skills

A11y, Git/Github, Webpack, npm, Bundler, Babel, BEM methodology, Continuous Integration


Web: wireframing, high-fidelity mockups, living style guides; Print: long documents, marketing materials, InDesign templates, proofing


Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud (Ai, Id, Ps, Lightroom), Vagrant, Oxygen XML

Natural Languages

English: native; Hindi, Sanskrit, Pali: intermediate




Drop me a line if you’d like to collaborate, or simply to say hello. I’m also on Github, Instagram, and Twitter.


The design of this site is an experiment in achieving rhythm, harmony, hierarchy, and readability through simple variations in typography and layout. It’s inspired by Dean Allen’s appeal to treat words first and foremost as things that we read, not just look at. I’m using Adobe Caslon, and occasionally Source Code Pro for code snippets.

The site runs on Jekyll and is coded in Markdown, Liquid, HTML, and Sass. You can find the repository on Github.